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Week Three Summary: Shadowy Times

Crazy times for me are finally at an end. I think I’ve driven more the last two weeks than I have my entire life. I can’t wait to have a fresh week.

Anyway, I did have some interesting, fruitful discoveries this week that involved quite a bit of personal photography discussion. My favorite bit was the photo safari. I love playing with shadows so that project was gravy for me. I’ve fallen in love with the moonshot above my house. It’s awesome.

Moody Moon

I also had fun remixing the Dark Side of the Moon cover. That’s something I’ve thought about doing for a while, but never saw any real reason for it. I’m happy I finally played around with it.

The bag contents assignment was a great way of continuing to flesh out my character, Jack “Settig” Neff (by the way “Settig” is “Gittes” backwards). I’m having a ton of fun with this altar ego/mentally crazed writer idea for him. I’m looking forward to seeing just what kinds of mysteries Jack Settig solves at night after Jack Neff is done with his job at the grocery. I’m already thinking of awesome stuff.

The “stenciling” assignment was a fun one. I learned that GIMP’s idea of stenciling is not what the project called for. I found a few new GIMP toys in the process here that will surely be useful in the future.

I’ve been reading Emerson lately because it’s one of the only books I’ve had access to at different points this week, so I used a quote from him for the visual poetry assignment. I probably put too much time in boxing with GIMP to get what I wanted and I still didn’t even get close. Regardless, there’s something to like there I think.


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