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Week Two Reflection

I thought week one was a lot of work, but week two proved me wrong.

The first thing I did this week was the Daily Creates. I was glad to see that these were fairly quick and also fun to complete.

Cat Playing a Synth in Space:

Cat Playing Synth in Space


Eye Selfie:



The next thing I did was complete the readings. The Postman Always Rings Twice was excellent, but it was so long. I definitely preferred the length of The Shadow and The Killers. They were all interesting reads, though, so I don’t really mind. I wrote a post in response to these readings.

Week Two Readings


The writing assignments  were a little tough for me. I’m a math major and I’ve carefully avoided any English class since I got to this school. As a result, my writing skills are a bit rusty. Completing these on a weekly basis will help me shake that rust though, so I’m glad for that.

Haiku Recipe

Quote Me On That

Alternate Ending to The Killers



Similar to the writing assignments, creating a character dossier was a tough assignment for me. I’m glad we’ll be working on these over the course of the semester. With more practice writing and more time studying noir, I’m looking forward to strengthening my character.

Rick Shannon Character Dossier


Towards the goal of customizing my blog, I changed my theme (although I still want to tinker with this) and wrote a small About Me section. I also changed the title of my blog, since apparently Digital Storytelling 106 is not the most creative title in the world.

About Me



Overall, there was a lot of work this week, but it definitely bettered my understanding of noir and helped me get the wheels spinning on improving my writing. I’m a born procrastinator, so I didn’t put in as much time early in the week as I should have, but it’s definitely my goal in the upcoming weeks to get the work done earlier in the week. I know it will help make my work better and my Sundays more enjoyable.




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