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Weekly Summary #1

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Bootcamp week has come to an end for this solider. comes back to life after a full semester of rest with it last being used to its full potential in #TI104 with @JimGroom and @PualBond… #ImAFan. It was not an easy “syllabus week” workload as more and more professors are abandoning the concept doing nothing on the first week of class. While completing the lengthy ‘to do’ list for the DS106 class, I learned that the professors were not joking about the workload as mentioned in the noir106 video. BUT I DID IT! I have my domain and blog up and running along with a post with my embedded social media posts, including: Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, and Sound Cloud. *NOTE: in this blog, PINK is a LINK… HAH that rhymed. I was lucky enough to have a site with an avatar already set so that was not a problem! I had to create accounts for Flickr and Sound Cloud which was easy enough. I already had a youtube and Twitter; however, I never use my Twitter so its practically new just for this class. I also submitted an example of a film noir: The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001). You should check it out! The genre of noir is something new to me. I recognize the style but do not really know much about it. It will be interesting to incorporate the dramatic crime/ mystery genre with the class.

I liked how all the directions were laid out for the students on the week 1 schedule. It made it super easy so a S/O to the creators of that, job well done! I did not like that I was unable to see my first post on the DS106 site feed. Both Jim and Paul say I am good to go so I believe them. The biggest learning point this week is to make sure I stay ahead of the game. It will be vital not to fall behind as I can see this work piling up quite fast. Nonetheless, I am pumped for this course!

This will conclude my first weekly summary.

Until next week,


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