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Weekly Summary; Week 2

This was week was all dedicated to noir and I finally think I am understand the concept. (yay) As I mentioned in my Noir readings post some of the readings were a little challenging to understand at first but the more noir I read the better I understood the concept.
Link: Noir Readings

Furthermore, my character Jeffrey Davidson was fun to develop as well. I have an overall idea as to where I want to Jeffrey’s story to end and there are still some details I need to work out but I am excited to see where his character development leads me. I think the most challenging part of creating my character dossier was figuring out under which ideal type of character I wanted to Jeffrey to fall under. I felt as if his character had a lot to offer and couldn’t just be boxed into one archetype but I finally settled with “the jerk with a heart of gold”. I don’t think in my story I expanded enough on Jeff being a jerk but I definitely focused on the good things he did to help his community. I also introduced the femme fatale in the piece Elisa. I wanted her to be the distraction for Jeff and the reason why he gets off track and gets in trouble. He was so taken back by her beauty that after almost after 22 years he let his guard down. I am excited to see Jeff develop as a character over the course of the class.
LINK: The rise and fall of Jeffrey Davidson

I think the part I enjoyed most about this week was the daily creates and writing assignments. Although noir is an interested concept to explore it was nice to get a break from it every once and while to focus on something else. My favorite daily create was the yodeling. I had fun recording my own and I enjoyed listening to other peoples. I also completed the eye selfie, and a collage of your day. When I uploaded my eye selfie on to flickr almost an hour later it still had not posted. I was freaking out just a little but the next day my eye was there! It was also cool to see that some of the daily creates were created by old ds106 students, turns out I actually knew some of the students that created the creates!
Link: Daily Creates

The writing assignments also helped with flowing my creative juices. I completed the Apps Galore assignment for my character, What’s in A Name, Onion’d article, 10 seconds of Thanks, and the alternate ending. I enjoyed What’s in a Name the most. It was interesting to look into the origins of my name and learn more about myself.
Link: Writing Assignments

Overall it was hectic and busy week in ds106 but it was fun packed with a lot of different things. For next week I want to work on building my participation and talking to more fellow classmates. Can’t wait to see whats next :)

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