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Weekly Summary – Week 3

This week in my life was a bit of a hectic one so I didn’t really have everything together. I was really excited for this week since photography is something really special to me and I’ve had ideas in my mind of how I wanted to attack this week but it just got away from me. I went downtown and took photos and took photos around my apartment and watched the movies but the posts just got away from me. I wouldn’t say this week changed or allowed me to hone my skills but it did give me an opportunity to take pictures with a purpose rather than just for my own hobby. The sense of purpose forced me to really focus on my composition – something often lost with digital photography (with a film camera, the photographer is forced to make every shot 100% so they don’t waste film).

This weeks assignments:

1. Think about the visuals of storytelling

I loved being able to really talk about my relationship with photography as something outside of just a hobby. And I realized a lot of my old work has elements of noir and it makes them very interesting.

2. Reflect on Noir and visual storytelling

I really liked the opportunity to watch movies. I always knew what a classic Chinatown was but I never had the energy to watch it. These movies changed my perspective on noir and gave me the opportunity to compare and contrast black and white cinematography with elements of noir.

3. Complete a Photo Safari

This was a great assignment for me. I went downtown and took pictures of my friend Colleen around sunset and used settings in iPhoto to dramatize the photos. I used a lot of editing to dramatize all of the pictures and it gave me a different perspective for looking at edited photographs and cinematography where the lighting isn’t natural.

4. Do the Daily Create (3) (I unfortunately didn’t have my life together so I only have 2)

5. Complete visual assignments (10 points)

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