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Weekly Summary – Week Four

Wow where to begin? Audio week has been pretty crazy as it was a form of media that I have not been too involved in. It placed many challenges for me while I was in the process of completing each assignment but even then they were all very entertaining. My favorite part of this week had to be learning about the environment that encompasses the production of Audio and it was a privilege in being able to learn more about audio editing. Although it was encouraged that we would use Audacity, I decided to try something different and decided to download this program called Adobe Audition. I have good history with Adobe products since I am constantly working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator so I figured I would give Adobe Audition a shot and I am glad that I did.

By using Audition to render all of my audio assignments, I was able to learn so much about editing audio, beyond what was asked of us to do. The part that intrigued me the most was getting used to composing multiple audio tracks so that they would all result in one, final mixed product. Audition offered so many cool features that I was not able to find in Audacity (Audacity is still an amazing program because it is free) and it had a very professional looking interface, but before I ramble about Audition nonstop, allow me to cover the rest of this week!

Reflections :

Among the many things that we were required to do included reflections of the following: Touch of Evil audio film comparisons, a choice of The Ambience of Film Noir or Radio Noir in the USA, and lastly DS106 Radio’s Live Tweet-Along.

I gained a good sense of the impact of audio and its uses in film through comparing two versions of the Touch of Evil opening shot. The differences were very clear and I was surprised  how the enhanced audio affected the film. My full reflection for this part can be viewed here:

For the next part, I chose to read The Ambience of Film Noir. I was drawn into the reading by analyzing the innovation that went behind the production of audio for films. This gave me a set of new eyes for the idea of sound composition. In-depth look on my reflection for this section is found here:

The final part of this week’s reflection portion involved live interaction with DS106 Radio’s Tweet-Along. I will suck in my pride and say that I am not too sure what had happened throughout that broadcast since I was multitasking, but I received enough information to tweet about it:

This was a new process for me and as you can see from clicking the link, I got creative with it.

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