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What A Beautiful Day: The Calm Before The Storm (3.5 Stars)

These are a bunch of sound bites clipped together to make a very quick story assignment. Harvey decides to take a stroll through his vineyard to check the grapes and listen to the birds. When he gets back inside he opens a nice bottle of vino and takes a load off.

I know that it was recommended to use Audacity for the creation of this file but I actually thought that the interface on Garageband was more friendly. The area in where it let me down was timing. I was reading the beats as seconds and I went about another minute over budget. I had a really easy time manipulating the content of this audio file.

All in all, I used 14 separate sound bites and a couple of those were used multiple times. I wanted to give the sense that this person (Harvey Hait/my character) lives in a beautiful natural setting. He walks out his door and into a vineyard right away. The brief plucks (may seem like static at first) are Harvey’s grapes being pulled off the vine. He makes his way back inside when he goes straight for the wine rack then walks right back to the couch where he pours a glass. He proceeds to fix the cushion, sit down, roll a cigarette and light it.

I really enjoyed this assignment but only realized just now that I may have not incorporated noir aspects into the story. I look forward to developing this character in the way that I intended.

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