straight down the line

What a tramp.


That’s why the lady is a tramp!

For this 4 star assignment, I made a typographic poster of The Lady is a Tramp sung by Frank Sinatra and many others. I had already established that Delia idolized Frank in this post, and I thought that this song would be her favorite as it’s all about being exciting and out of the ordinary. Delia would idolize the woman in this song for being exciting enough to have a song written about her, praising the madcap way she acts. I chose the line “She likes the fresh, free wind in her hair/ Life without care” because I feel that this in particular would resonate with Delia as she doesn’t have the means to wear ermine and pearls or any other silly high-brow things mentioned. (PS- the Tony Bennet/Lady Gaga duet is wonderful)

I did this in GIMP, and it took some work but it was actually pretty simple. I made the background by selecting the blend tool and using Skyline Fill in the menu. From there, I made text boxes for all of the word groups and eyeballed it from there. I tried to have a good balance between the thick and thin fonts, take up available space well, and select fonts that worked well together. I tried to make it look like the word “care” was sitting on the horizon. I spaced out some words, changed fonts and font sizes, and used complementary colors to make sure that everything was clear. I used the Sparks brush in various sizes and opacities in order to get the starlight effect in the middle. Overall, I’m very proud of how this turned out. I would recommend this for anyone who is trying to design with only a trackpad- it doesn’t require a tablet or fancy mouse tricks.

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