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What’s going on ?

This is my short story created by sound effects about my character Margaret Pinuat, I hope you enjoy:

In this story created by sound effects I used 10 different sounds. I used:

  • Foot steps in the woods
  • Front door opening
  • Whisking batter
  • Oven opening and closing
  • Man eating
  • Man choking
  • Phone dialing
  • Police sirens
  • Woman crying
  • Rain

These different sounds go along with my character because these are the sounds used when she kills her husband. It starts with her going to the woods to grab some poisonous berries. Then she comes home and starts making the batter for her cake. Throws it in the oven and then when it comes out she serves it to her husband for dessert, he thinks it is just any old cake but comes to find out that it is poisoned, before he could do anything he starts choking. With her plan working perfectly, she calls the cops in distress making it seem like he is having a heart attack. The cops are close to the house and when they come in they find her crying over his dead body. Not to make the story any more gloomy of course it has been raining the whole day!

Hope you can picture that story with the sound effects used!

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