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What’s in a Font?

1. Color: So I began the Design Blitz this week by taking a picture of this sign I found when I was doing my independent study at the Dahlgren campus, but I have seen this image many times on campus  and I think it is an excellent example of how not to color a picture. There are too many color schemes going on the picture and I personally hate the overlapping of red on green. I think if they had solely chosen primary colors or chosen to do a red/green logo then it would not have been so horrible to look at, but there is too much color at work in this design.


2. Dominance: I am all about hating on design apparently because the next image I saw was this horribly designed corkboard and chalkboard. It is a good example of how one should not create dominance, in my opinion. Mostly because I can’t tell what is supposed to dominate in this design. The triangle and the hexagon stand out to me the most in shape, but the square corkboard is front and center and the most forward shape. In general this design is an eyesore and, thankfully, I know for a fact that it is getting taken down in the near future.


3. Balance: This is actually a picture of good design. I think that the symmetrical design of Trinkle is an excellent example of balance. From the outside and parts of the inside of the building everything is balanced. It makes the building and campus look much more visually appealing. I am very happy that, in general most of the buildings on this campus are designed with balance in mind.


4. Typography: For my last picture, I took a picture of my Business German textbook as a good example of appropriate typography. I think that the font looks professional and isn’t too distracting, but gives off a business, almost computer-like feel, which is the intent for the textbook. The typography is centered and not overpowering. I give a thumbs up to the person who designed the cover of this textbook.


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