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What’s in Shirley Mayfield’s Bag?

This week, we were required to complete the “What’s in your bag” assignment that was submitted by Jim Groom. We are supposed to do this assignment for our character dossier.

The assignment: “What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.” This assignment is worth 3 points.

I sat down and thought about what Shirley Mayfield may have in her bag. I figured that she would have a lot because she likes to always be prepared.



I gathered all of the items and set them up so that I could see them all laid out.

Shirley Mayfield’s bag would have…

  • A planner so that she is always prepared for events and important dates!
  • Black gloves for driving or for cold weather. You can’t have cold hands!
  • An aqua scarf so that she can accessorize on a whim if need be. Aqua is her favorite color and always brings out her beautiful eye color.
  • Perfume in case she needs an extra spritz throughout the day.
  • A round brush in case her hair needs to be fixed throughout the day. You can’t have messy hair!
  • Sunglasses to block out the sun of course!
  • Multiple lipsticks in case she wants to switch it up or needs a touch up throughout the day.
  • A wallet because you can’t go anywhere without that!
  • Keys because they are essential.

Shirley always makes sure that she is prepared. Having the essentials is crucial for Shirley to have a good day!

I enjoyed doing this assignment because it made me think more complexly on how Shirley would go about her everyday life. I think that is fun giving my character more dimensions!

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