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What’s in the Bag Jack?



For my last character assignment of the week, I am doing the “What’s in your bag?” assignment worth three points. Jack Spencer is all business, but he does have a soft side. This can be seen from the photo of his late mother poking out of his Italian leather wallet. This photo is kept in his wallet so she is with him at all times. Also in Spence’s bag are his iPhone 6 plus, hand sanitizer, files on the upcoming merger, a silver pen, and his MacBook. The silver pen on top of the file folder is the one Spence used when him and Sebastian first signed their business contract together. Hand sanitizer is carried with him everywhere out of habit from when he was taking care of his mother in her last few months of life. His phone, files, and computer are carried at all times because he is never really off the clock.

Here is a link to the original assignment:

What’s in your bag?

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