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Where’s My Phone?

Apps Galore (3 Stars)


iphone remake copyFor this assignment, I assumed that smartphones could actually be a thing in the 1950s because I felt this assignment sounded like a lot of fun, even though it doesn’t entirely fit into the time period of Sarah Mustard. I really enjoyed picking out the apps that Sarah Mustard would have on her phone if she were to come into possession of an iPhone. I started with a generic picture of a phone and then I began searching for apps that I felt were must haves for Sarah Mustard.

I kept the standard necessary apps to begin with: messages, calendar, photos, cameras, videos, iTunes, clock, the App Store, and Settings.

For her business her apps she downloaded the apps: weather channel (to know the weather on the job), flashlight (to see), notes (to take notes quickly), compass (to always know where north is), maps (to find her way), and Soundcloud (to record any illicit behavior).

For her personal life: tinder (to meet a man), pinterest (to plan for her future), Cat Guide (to take care of her cat), and Trivia Crack (for her own entertainment).

I found pictures of the apps and layered them onto the phone in Photoshop and then rewrote the names of the icons using Arial Bold font on separate layers. This was a bit difficult in order to make it look good and still doesn’t look entirely consistent close up, but it ends up working out. I think that Sarah Mustard has her work cut out for her in the 1950s not being able to use any of the feature of an iPhone that we take for granted.


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