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Writing Assignments

Apps Galore- 3 Stars

Apps for Jeffrey Davidson

This writing assignment required that one visualize what phone apps would a fictional character have on their phone. The fictional character I used was Jeffrey Davidson my character dossier that I made for class. Jeff does not have a lot of apps on his phone mostly because he does have a lot of friends and family in his life. When he left California following his mother’s death the only things he brought to remember her by were some pictures they had taken when he was growing, hence why he has a photos app on his phone. Next he has the WhatsApp app on his phone because Brian, (the individual that helps him making some additional cash) asked him to get the app because he often travels abroad and can’t be reached on a US number all the time. The next app he has is the spending app, he uses this app to track all the money he has made so he doesn’t waste his money. As I mentioned in my character dossier the additional cash the Jeff was making he was giving to students that couldn’t afford to go to college in the high school where he worked part time as a janitor. He uses the spending app to make sure that he is budgeting his money and doesn’t run short on any expense. He also has the calculator app to help him determine how much he can spend at any time. He is not present on social media because he wants to stay as off the grid so people from California can’t find him.

What’s in a Name? -2 Stars
For this writing assignment you had to write something about your name. When I was born my name was Maryam. When my family came to American almost 16 years ago the spelling of my name was changed to Mariam and to this day I don’t know exactly why and how it was changed. My dad said it happened because my kindergarten teacher thought that Mariam might be easier for me spell but anyway now I am stuck with Mariam on all my official documents so I can’t go back. Although the spelling was changed it still pronounced the same so it doesn’t really bother me. My father was the one to name me and said he picked Maryam because Maryam was the mother of a prophet in the Quranic text and she is known for her devotion and kindness and he thought it was a very pretty name. One day I wanted to look what Mariam meant in a non-Islamic manner so I looked in a baby name book and it said Mariam meant the sea of bitterness. Not sure exactly if I like that definition but it was interesting learning what my name meant in a different context.

10 Second of Thanks- 2 ½ Stars
For this writing assignment you had to time yourself for 10 seconds and write down what you were thankful for during that time. I wrote down I was thankful for my family, friends, health, and for being in college.

The Onion’d Article- 2 Stars
For the writing assignment you had to take a serious article title from the Washington Post or New York times and convert into something you would see in the Onion
Original title: King Abdullah, who sought to modernize Saudi Arabia, at 90 (The Washington Post)
Onion’d: King Abdullah modernizes Saudi Arabia. *Changes do not apply to women, non-Saudi and anyone who isn’t a Saudi Arabian national.

Alternate Ending
Frank and Cora fake Nick’s accident and they get away with the murder. They don’t get any jail time and are never even suspected. They start to live their lives away from the craziness that happened with Nick. They had their ups and downs and it was mostly due to financial instability but overall both of them are happy. After being together for a while Cora becomes pregnant. They are both ecstatic and believe that the baby is sign that despite all the struggle and hardship they have faced they should be together. Cora gives birth to baby boy named Jonathan. The baby is spitting image of Cora and does not resemble Frank. After a while Cora and Frank want to have another child but are unsuccessful and finally consult the help of a doctor. The doctor tells them the due to Franks infertility he can never have kids. He confronts Cora about his condition and she told him when he had left she and Nick had sex just once because she didn’t want him to suspect anything. Jonathan hears Cora and Frank arguing and he also hears what they had done to his actual father. Despite not being his child Frank always treated Jonathan as his son. One day Jonathan is driving Frank somewhere and he kills him just like the way he had killed his actual father, Nick. Jonathan who ends up in jail says his fathers death had finally been avenged after killing Frank.

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