straight down the line

You are my light in this world of darkness

You don’t know what to do without me, and that’s okay…that’s why I’m here. Sometimes I feel like you are using me though. Using me, just to make yourself feel better – so you aren’t alone in a world of darkness.


I know that sometimes I can be a little expensive and out there, but just think back to all the times I brightened your day when you walked in the room….sometimes you even clapped for me! Sometimes you forget that I need to be dusted and need to go shopping to refresh me, so I get dull and tired and uncooperative. I’m sorry for those times. But I promise, I will always be here for you. As long as you start to remember how important I am.
I know it’s weird for me to just be dumping my thoughts out to you like this, but I just don’t know what else we can do. You listen to the other things, like the toaster when it pops your toast, or the oven when it beeps…but here I am….just sitting here, waiting for you to realize that I need you like you need me.

This assignment, Monologue of a Household tool, was one of those things that I thought would be challenging, but once I started to get going, it was actually pretty fun. I started by doing the project a little backwards. I wanted to see what GIFS there are out there on appliances, and I found the one above. That is what inspired me to talk about household lights….something we all use but rarely ever think about until the light goes out. After I came up with the idea, I just got to writing and came up with this. I think it was a productive test that allowed me to use some creative insights into how an object like a light, which we consistently never turn off in my apartment, would think if it was a person.

Overall, I thought the project was awesome and would like to do more like it.

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