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Week 11: Dark Web

3/3/15 – 4/5/15



This week you all will be required to build out a web presence for your respective agencies . This entails creating the “dark web,” as it were, for Noir 106. While you can do this individually over the next few weeks, it will be far more work to try and do all that is expected alone. We highly recommend you work as part of a group to build out your respective agency sites, but this is not a requirement, just a recommendation.

This week, you will need to create a website for your agency. If you are doing this as part of a group (which we recommend, did we mention that?) you will need to create a web presence for your agency (website, social media, etc.), clarify each character’s role in the agency, frame the agency’s origin story. Below are the minimum elements your agency website must have:

  • Home Page (obviously)
  • Staff Page
  • Mission Statement
  • Contact Form
  • Blog
  • Portfolio

10 Stars of Assignments

Everyone has to complete 10 stars of assignments. At least 5 stars need to consist of web assignments, and 5 stars can be your choice of media.  If you’re working as a group for your agency, assignments should coordinate with other group members’ in your group to tell the story of the agency coming together (did we suggest groups are the way to go yet? —they are!). In addition, you might consider using these assignment to build out your agency’s web presence.

The Web assignments are spotty. There aren’t a lot of great ones, and they don’t always lend themselves to the work we’re asking you to do, so we’ve compiled a list of some suggested ones. You’re welcome to choose others if you like and you can make them work. Alternatively, remember that before the end of the semester you must suggest and submit at least two assignments to the Assignment Bank. If you can’t find one in the Web category this week that you like, come up with your own, submit it, and then do it!

Suggested Web assignments (remember, you must complete at least 5 pts from the Web category):

Daily Creates

Two please.


At least ten, please — summarized, as always, in your weekly post.

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