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Week 14 & 15: The End


For the final weeks of this class, we’ve given you a couple of options. You should do what makes sense for you, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you during these final weeks of the semester. 

Option 1: Take It As It Stands

We know we’ve asked a lot of students in the class this semester, and that you’ve given us a lot in return. In light of recent events on campus, if you would like to simply take the grade you would have based on the work you’ve done so far, that’s fine. If you take this option, there is no need to submit anything else for the class. Simply contact your instructor in the next day or so and let us know. You will receive a grade based on everything you’ve done so far. You can skip to the section “For Everyone” (below) if you choose this option.

Option 2: Continuing

If you would like to continue for whatever reason (including if you would like the opportunity to pull your grade up), here is the remaining work you can complete for the class.

Final Project

Our final project plan all along has been to have you continue your case work. There are actually two different approaches you can take:

Final Case (Standard)

Review the work that the other Noir106 agencies have completed, and choose one (not the case you just completed) to work on between now and the end of the semester. You should choose the work of one other agency on the case you pick to follow-up on. Make sure your investigation takes into consideration their evidence and conclusions (you don’t have to agree with them, but you do have to acknowledge and incorporate their work into your own narrative).

You can find all the agencies and their first case assignments here:

Final Case (with a Twist)

Are you tired of the cases we’ve already covered? That’s fine. You can investigate a case of your own making. Simply make sure that you incorporate other Noir106 characters and/or plot elements in your self-created case. Once you’ve figured out what mystery you want to solve, tell us what it is, and then solve it for us.

You may work in your current agencies, but you definitely don’t have to (and we realize you may not be able to out of necessity if others in your agency take Option 1). Just make sure you use your own blog to narrate your case work.

As with your first case, we would like you to choose one primary media to tell your story, and at use at least 3 complementary media pieces to supplement it. You should also continue to narrate your casework via Twitter.

You have two weeks to tell this final story. It should be completed by Friday, May 1st at 5:00pm (although it can be completed earlier) and summarized and shared in a final reflection/summary post (see below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If, for whatever reason, engaging with Noir themes and the cases for the rest of the semester just isn’t something you can do, please contact your instructor directly. We will work with you on an alternate final project plan.

 Other Work

You can complete the following work by May 1st at 5:00.

2 Assignment Ideas

It is a requirement for the class that you submit at least 2 assignment ideas to the Assignment Bank by the end of the semester. Use the Assignment Submission form. You must write a blog post on your site introducing your two assignments. (tag: assignmentideas)

2 Daily Creates

In addition, you must submit two Daily Create ideas. Submit your ideas using the form on the Daily Create Suggestions page. You should write a blog post on your site introducing these, as well (tag:tdcideas).

2 Tutorials

It is also a requirement for the class that you complete two, detailed assignment tutorials.

You can complete a tutorial for an assignment that you did in the past. You can do two new assignments you’ve never done before for your tutorials. Or you could even write up tutorials for the assignments you created.

Tutorials should be detailed enough that someone else could follow your steps and successfully complete the work. HINT: You should incorporate images (screenshots) and/or video (screencasts) to show your steps.

Each tutorial should be written up as an individual post on your site, and tagged appropriately. (Every assignment in the Assignment Bank has a set of tags in the lower right-hand column specifically for tutorial write-ups.)

Final Reflection/Summary Post

By 5:00 on Friday, May 1st, you should have your final post up on your site in which you summarize the work of your final case. You can also use this post to tell us what you loved and hated about this class.

For Everyone

Help Out Black

She wants to know a bit about your experiences in this class. Please fill out this (anonymous) survey for her:

This has absolutely no bearing on your grade, but your responses will be very helpful to Maggie.

Do Your Course Evaluation

If you can, we would love it if you would fill out your course evaluation.

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