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Carved Sea Birds

Additionally, bird carving required knowledge of realistic painting. He started attending shows and competitions and has steadily progressed from novice through intermediate and now to open class. He has won quite a few awards and ribbons along the way, but still feels that he has a lot to learn.

  • He started using knives and gouges to carve reliefs and caricatures, but then was introduced to bird and duck carving.
  • Someone who has always seen the form’s artistic value isDoug Miller.
  • He enjoys the challenge of bringing his work to a level of fine detail and realism.
  • Subsequent successes enabled him to retire from the Chef world in 2006 to pursue his love of bird sculpture fulltime.
  • The wood is a bit harder than pine but has even texture and density all the way through.

Mark is a skilled graphic artist, working in the printing industry for a number of years. Mark became interested in carving after seeing a carving of a Saw-whet Owl in a shop in North Conway, NH where his parents lived. I cut myself pretty bad while doing a test-carving (the bird I submitted in the “I Made It!” photo) so I was weary of 24 inexperienced teenagers with super-sharp carving knives! The gloves prevented A LOT of cuts and I only had one student who needed a band-aid. I also let them use a coping saw for trickier end-grain undercuts. Frank and his wife, Millie, who are members of the White Hall Baptist Church near Danville, Pa., have dozens of stories of the ways their birds have given hope and comfort.


Well-known wildlife artist Raymond Tameo is a perfectionist in his work. Songbirds are his favorite bird wooden figure subject to paint and carve. He is a self-taught artist and accomplished bird carver.

bird wood carving

After suffering an illness, however, Frank could no longer create detailed carvings. “A member of the carving club was making very small painted birds for Christmas tree ornaments. I saw them and got the idea for the comfort birds,” said Frank. Hand carved wood has been Mary’s passion for many years. We are certain you will cherish your own personal hand carved birds from the hands of Mary Elton Wilkerson. Mary Elton Wilkerson has been involved in wood carving for over 30 years and takes great pride in her art.

Blue Jay, 1

Using tupelo wood for the carving and painting the songbirds in oils, she tries to capture their true colors. This class was my “advanced” class, a little bit older , and seemed to be able to handle it even though NONE of them have ever carved something. Also, although some of them did birds, I allowed them to make any animal they wanted. I had them draw a left/right top template using the dimensions of the wood blocks I purchased.

bird wood carving

It is a fast growing tree and there are records showing that it has grown as high as one hundred forty feet with a diameter of four feet. It is considered a hardwood but falls on the softer side of the scale. The wood is a bit harder than pine but has even texture and density all the way through. It is soft enough to carve fairly easily but just hard enough to hold fine detail without chipping away. Wood carving, traditional art.Alaska totem pole in Ketchikan, Alaska.

International Bird Carvings

It even shows how to use a woodburner to add the fine feather details. The Three Bird Carving Projects book also covers how to make feet out of wire. If you would like to try your hand at carving birds then this would be an excellent book for you.

bird wood carving

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