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Panel Discussion Reflection: Digital Identity

In this discussion the panellist discussed what defined digital identity. They presented a wide array of information to the class. The information ranged anywhere from having one’s identity linked to their social security to how a person is perceived on the internet. We discussed an interesting topic about how an …

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Panel Discussion Reflection: Privacy/Openness

The discussion we had in class about privacy and openness was a well thought out discussion. The panel gave accounts of real life scenarios that pertained to our everyday life that we as internet users can relate to. Much of the class had differing opinions with privacy and openness. I …

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Social/Economic/Cultural Discussion

Social/Economic/Culture Discussion Questions to consider: What kind of user are we? Why do we use the internet? What form of communication do we prefer and why? What benefits do the internet provide? How has the internet affected us socially today from a decade ago?   Link   Impacts -This link …

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Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity

The video on Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity covers ours discussion we’re discussing this week in the Internet Course. I found it interesting that this video invoked a lot of opinion that are similar to what people think about technology today. The opinion and conflict that society has today …

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Dollar Shave Club is an e-commers business that is B2C and Here is the presentation we did as a group of 2.



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