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The Steadfast Sleuths Week 2

Because my group did all our voice recordings last week, this week was not as stressful as I thought it would be. There was obviously a lot of sound editing that we did, and that took a while, but it worked out well. At the beginning of the week, Lauren …

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A unique #heelconcept

This daily create ask to elevate your heel with an everyday object. I chose to use my daughter and her bat and ball. I thought that the colors would stand out. Especially with her hot pink socks. Unfortunately, I could not get the bat to stay on the ball, so …

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Weasels, Emojis, and Space

This week I completed three daily creates, and they were all different forms of creativity this week. I made a poem for Grant Potter’s birthday, a emoji story, and drew a picture interpretation of what “Deep Space 106″ would look like. I used to write poems a lot as a …

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Heel Concept

Today’s Daily Create was to create a #heelconcept picture with an everyday object. I used a cup to emulate the heel in this photo.

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Radio Show Week 2

This week we got off to a slow start but I’m glad to say we’re done! The second time we met we discussed what the format of the radio show will be, as well as, what  we were going to say. I think we expressed the noir style in our …

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Just finishing my Saturday workout when #ds106 strikes! Oh no! A daily create! So I got a little creative and did calf-raise squats. Please excuse me while I ice my legs! They burn!!!!! #tkdproblems #workoutproblems #fitgirlproblems

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Second Week of the Radio Show

The second week of the radio show went pretty smoothly.  “Noir We There Yet?” is full of organized people, and our personalities and the roles of our characters played out extremely well.  Really, it was one of the best groups I’ve ever been in for a group project. We delegated …

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Week Seven and still not in Miami……

People who got comments:


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The Eagles Were Definitely A Deus Ex Machina


Yeah, my daily create looks terrible. But, I had a few issues with incorrect layering that kept me from doing much more, since I try to stick to the 15 minutes as closely as possible. I wanted to add some silhouettes of the Great Eagles soaring in the gradient …

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Noir Not the Father Ready to Air

This week my group and I finished up our radio show called Noir Not the Father. We had two very productive meetings this week where we wrote our script and made our recording. For the show my part is the character I have created Micheal “Ol Mick” Bretton. I play …

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