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The Finale

This post wraps up my work for the semester in ds106! I tried to get as much work done as I could these last two weeks, but between finals, baseball, and searching for off-campus living for next year, I was not able to work on a final case. I did …

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Daily Create Ideas

The first daily create that I came up with is called “Who’s the #1 pick?” The idea of this daily create is for the student to choose someone they think deserves a #1 pick in life, and photoshop them into the following picture. The picture was taken at this year’s …

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Do a Talk Show Interview

This is the second and final assignment I created for the ds106 assignment bank. It is a four star video assignment that requires a lot of time and a fair bit of video editing skill. The full description of the assignment can be found here. An accompanying tutorial for …

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Have a Phone Conversation with Yourself

This is the first assignment that I have created and added to the assignment bank. It is a three-star audio assignment that requires a fair amount of time and a decent aptitude with audio editing software. The assignment’s full description can be found here. I will be making a …

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Cheaper by the Dozen

This week was the first time that Blair Morgan, Jack Sadler, Ol Mick Bretton, Stella Vaughn and I officially worked together as a part of our new agency, No Stain No Problem (NSNP), and boy did we have some work to do! Our first caller of the week had us …

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11:11 Make a Wish

This post concludes my work for ds106 week 11! I had a lot of fun this week. Let’s check out what I did.

1. Cranked out the basics of my group’s agency.

We are “No Stain No Problem”, and we don’t cut corners- we clean them. For more information, check …

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