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NoirTALK Review

For my radio listen this week I listened to NoirTALK. This show was very intriguing but also went over my head at time. The sound effects really drew me in to the show, and the characters were very interesting. Damon in particular was very awkward and secretive. This show has …

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DS106 Wallpaper

The first assignment I did this week was called “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper”. This assignment was worth 4 stars. Here are the instructions.

For this assignment I used the image editing software Microsoft Paint, and my final product is a composite of several images and text phrases. On …

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Take Once Daily

This week once again I did three daily creates. Who wants to see them?!

I did my first daily create on Tuesday. The instructions said to make a collage that showed the different sides of me. I didn’t know whether to take this literally or figuratively, so I tried to …

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7th Heaven

This post wraps up my work in ds106 for week seven! The main assignment this week was of course the radio show. My group’s radio show is called “Noir Not The Father” and it is quite a production! It takes the form of a Maury-style talk show and involves the …

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Noir Not The Father is here!

After two weeks of hard work, my group’s radio show “Noir Not The Father” is done; courtesy of myself, Cuyler Matteson, Mia Boleis, Kelsey Roach, and Philip Dorch.

Last week I explained how we had formed our group, come up with the concept for our show (a Maury style talk …

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The Daily Grind

This week I completed three daily creates. All of them were photos that I uploaded to Flickr. Let’s take a look!

The instructions for the first daily create I did were to imagine that the ds in ds106 stood for “deep space”, and to create what I thought the deep …

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6 and Stones

This post wraps up my work for week 6 of ds106! This week I did a lot of work with my group for our radio show, completed more audio assignments, participated in another ds106 radio listen-along, and commented on the work of a lot of my peers. How about the …

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Noir Not The Father- Promotional Poster

With our radio show project coming up soon, I have created a promotional poster for our show, Noir Not The Father! Since our show is a Maury-style talk show, I found a great photo depicting a crowd reaction from a similar show. The photo is actually taken from the Jerry …

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Inflate your language

The last assignment I did this week was called “Inflate your language”. It was worth 2.5 stars. Here is the assignment page.

For this assignment, I used inflationary language to tell the story of how my character, Billy Steel, met his wife Jackie. Inflationary language is a style created by …

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