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Thanks For Everything DS106!

Well this is it. I have to say this was my favorite course that I took this semester. I cannot believe it is over and went by this quickly though. I am so thankful for everything that I learned in this course, my amazing professor and all the memories I …

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TDC Ideas

Well this is final blog post, being written with a concussion and on pain bare with me please!

Idea 1: To write all the words you think describe you out on paper. Though to make it fun write it in a way you think describes the word, use …

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Concussions and Online Class: Take 1

Well this was a crazy week, due to the fact I got a concussion falling out of a tree trying to find noir cat, i’ve been very limited to what I am allowed to be doing when it comes to work and things. I also cannot look at computers for …

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Tune Squad Takes On The Agency Week 1..

Well the Tune Squad took on our very first attempt at making our agency a thing. We got thrown our first mission to solve, the tale of the missing noir cat..oh my! Me being the animal lover I am, this hit me to the heart pretty hard, but I tried …

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Chicken Parming My Car

I chose to create my very own license plate because I finally got clearance in order to dive, undercover of course. Because of the high level security I have, I can’t have the state of where I live displayed because that would ruin the whole living in hiding thing. Though …

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Happy Easter! Or Happy Week 11..That Too.

This week we had to do ten comments yet again and I have to say I love this part because I get to see what kind of crazy things my fellow characters are up to, but it is pretty hard when everyone waits until the last minute to submit their …

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Saving My Man

Today my job was to get this poor guy out of his little situation he’s in. I used a fishing pole because even though I live in the city and there really isn’t any place to go fishing, I enjoy it because it takes up my time trying to fix …

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