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Why Martial Arts?

As a TaeKwonDo instructor, I am often asked: “Why participate in martial arts?” For many students, that answer is realized after their first class; and for others, the answer is seen after years of training. The truth is martial arts can mean so many things. It can mean getting us …

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Assignment Ideas!

Now it’s time to dealt out the torture! Muahahahahah!

So with the first (writing) assignment, I’m forcing future #ds106ers to skip the filters and the art of cropping so that they have to go old school…..I’m forcing them to DESCRIBE their (or their character’s) lunches! So whatever it is you’re …

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TDC Ideas

Option 1): Get zany! Take a toy doll (or a make a paper stick figure if you don’t have one!) And take a picture of him or her instagraming a food pic! Get creative with it, and leave a funny comment in flicker.

Option 2): Crop it like it’s hot! …

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An end to a wonderful class!

So this will be my last post for this class! A part of me is very sad for this, but the other part of me is so excited!!! I’m going to be switching my blog over for my personal blog where I will share fitness tips, my martial arts journey, …

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Week 12 and the Agency

This week, Savanna and I worked on our case load for the week. I made a few status updates on Wednesday, under my blog space:


Then I uploaded all of my updates onto Twitter! I had been so busy working 3 jobs, that I forgot you all use Twitter …

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