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Week Eight Summary

This week involved looking at and playing off of other students’ work. I submitted four examples of work I admire to the ds106 inspire site. I spent the bulk of my time working on 10 stars’ worth of “collaborative” assignments, somehow involving both mine and someone else’s character. So I …

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“Collaborative” Assignment: Movie Review


I’m turning this movie review writing assignment into a collaborative by writing it in the voice of my character, after he’s watched a movie about Spencer’s character, Donnie:


So I’ve started  this thing, this blog thing. I don’t know many people here in the city, and Bill down …

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Daily Create 3/11/15: Favorite Moment

This photograph is an abstract representation of my favorite moment this week (so far). What was the moment? That’s none of your business

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This week we were asked to look over our fellow students’ work and write a SEPARATE blog post about each, DETAILING why they “inspire” us, and submit them to the ds106 Inspire Site. Well first of all, you can’t assign inspiration, you can’t force inspiration, and you can’t grade inspiration. …

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Daily Create 3/10/15: My Different Sides

I used photoshop to create this composite self portrait.

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Week Seven Summary

This week my group completed our DnD-noir themed radio show for ds106radio, for which I created commercial bumpers. It can  be found on soundcloud. I made commercials that related to our storyline, much in the style of Prairie Home Companion, at least one of which is quite noir-ish. I used …

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Week Five Summary

This week was focused on design. I took to the streets Monday night to complete the “designblitz” and captured some examples of effective and less-than-effective signage. Then I read through and thought about the Vignelli Cannon, a sort of design guidebook written by a master in the field. We watched …

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Daily Create 2/15/15: Food Jewelry

today’s daily create was to create some jewelry using real food. I made this one out of unraveled paracord and a raw egg. Spring is just around the corner, and the egg symbolizes spring, birth, and life. The egg rests in a  loose and frazzled hammock  symbolizing the fragility of …

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