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Daily Creates for Week 11

Who does’t love stretching their creative mind to create better more spontaneous art?

Here is the art I created this week…

This is my Kindle Cover disaster.. I would never read this book because it looks cheesy, but I am willing to bet there is someone out there who would……

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Week 10

House of Noir- Find Your Noir Lover has been released and I cannot say I am thrilled with the results.

They(Being the crew (Mariam, Janelle, and Janaye)) made me dress “happier” and took away my red lipstick. I was very uncomfortable and on the defensive. You can see it all …

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Me Being Creative

I created this 15 second batman, not my best work but honestly who cares about batman?!

I was asked to create an inspirational quote and background. This is what I made. It is no secret that my family life is nowhere near normal, but the people I choose to let …

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My interview with Burtis

Sooo, the ds106 professors are very adamant that I meet with at least one of them for an interview.. I stopped by Burtis’ office while I was passing through and she was sitting there waiting. Very ominous, but our interview went well… mostly..


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Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious

Learning how to read a movie proved to be more fun than I expected, but noir films are still not my preferred genre!

After reading Roger Ebert’s article I feel as though I will be more inclined to watch the arrangement of scenes and how characters are placed! I also …

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