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The future is way too close

Ironically, this week’s Daily creates were full of reminders about my upcoming graduation, and there is the fact that I also had to buy my cap and gown this week…..

The first daily create addressed the steps you have taken to reach your goal….the reminder that I still have a …

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Stay Tuned

I am extremely proud of my groups efforts to come up with such a unique and interesting radio show. NOIR not the father was full of twists, turns, sexual tension, and NOIR.

There really weren’t too many challenges with the show other than having to do repeated takes due to …

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Crushed it — Inside Talking

This week I listened to Inside Talking, and all I have to say is that is was ahhhhhhmazing. It was by far one of the best radio shows I have heard.

The overall idea for the show was really interesting. I liked that it highlighted each character individually and gave …

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What week is it again?

It was a little hard to get back in the swing of things after having a week of binge watching Netflix and sleeping in, but it does seem to be getting easier week by week (if I could only tell myself to do my write ups as soon as I …

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Snappin’ pictures

My final inspiration post is about Megan Rosengrant. While this post is about one picture in particular, I also want to touch on her enthusiasm and personality in her posts. She has such an animated voice that it brings each post to life and makes it 10x more enjoyable to …

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Use those hands, girl

My next inspiration is Kimberly Roehl. I always love seeing how each person completes the daily create. Sometimes they are all over the place and sometimes they stay within the same realm. She said in her post she claimed not to be a good enough drawer to complete an idea …

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