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How Many Times Can You Say Tecolotito in a Row?

NSNP has been crazy busy this week.

On Wednesday, we travelled to Harrison, Idaho in order to clean up a mess that was left by an anonymous caller. We packed up the van, and road tripped out there. What we saw when we got there? Well. A lot of blood. …

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Blood Stains Extra, No Questions Asked

Happy Easter, or whatever you celebrate. Stella and I have been in the CC since 9:00 am because well we don’t really celebrate Easter. But here is a bunny.

Empty convergence center….how am I supposed to eaves drop and ruin people’s lives if no one is around #noir106 #ds106

— …

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NNTF beocmes NSNP

Well. I already posted all this stuff about our agency, but I haven’t even told you guys what that agency is. My bad. Anyway. Stella, Mick, Billy, Jack and I have created the agency: No Stain, No Problem. Basically, in Lehman’s terms, we’re a cleaning agency. We clean up any …

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Bloody Hell

Well. Our agency’s website obviously needed a banner, and wouldn’t you know it, there was an assignment in the assignment bank entitled Website Banner. This was worth 4 stars. I didn’t really think it was that hard though. I tried to add some extra effects to make the 4 …

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Groom Saves the Day

Today’s daily create was stupid. I had to photoshop a puppet out of a dumpster. I am starting to wonder if this is even a real class. I think Stella’s bitterness may be rubbing off on me. But oh well. I decided to use this Groom character in my masterpiece, …

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Vacuum Cleaners SUCK

Well. For this new agency, I decided I needed a business card. I’m a VIP and obviously need something that says so. Not only am I the Stain Queen, I am also the Manager of this place. Get on my level. No Stain, No Problem is ready for YOUR mess! …

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