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Tree Art, Inspiration, and Batman

These daily creations have begun to get stranger and stranger. I really don’t understand the appeal of them but I must admit that they do have a sort of rustic charm to them. Regardless, I’ve done my due diligence and finished three of them. The first I did was a …

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The Interview

Just a quick note, I manually recorded each professor’s questions onto audacity and then cut them together after each response I would give. Then, I recorded myself “speaking” over Layla’s lines and overlapped that with the audio I created. So. Much. Work.


I have become…wary of interviews. The last …

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Layla and Marcus I A Love Story

This assignment required us to tell a story through flashcards and I thought this would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into Layla’s thoughts on Marcus.



Marcus and I have a strange relationship. We will easily go from kissing each other to arguing about the “unfortunate” death …

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Layla Arkwood ~ I Am Me

This assignment was fun. I had to create a video that explained who I am or, well, who Layla Arkwood is. It was very nice filming everything and cutting them together. This was a more relaxed assignment and I actually enjoyed it.

I’m not completely dangerous. I mean, you should …

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Fire and Ice

I chose to do the Narrative Ambiance and incorporate it with Layla. The poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost goes very well with Layla (alarmingly so) and I thought that it would be perfect for her. I tried to speak in the way she would, you know like husky …

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Week 9 Has Ironed Me Out and Folded Me Up

Audio had been the bane of my existence before I was introduced to video. Sooooooo much work goes into it that I feel like a piece of my life span goes into my final project. A five minute video would take in actuality five hours to complete and I’m just …

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Blurry Image and A Rainy Poem

The daily creates I did this week involved taking a blurry picture and making a poem about rain. I had taken this picture a long time ago at the bonfire during fall semester. My camera had been on a long shutter time that was more for fireworks than a static …

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