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Turay Narrative

For this assignment (worth four stars), I had to describe myself (my character) through various clips.

I started with No Church in the Wild by Angel Haze to represent my distrust of society from a young age. Then, I used Man Down by Rihanna to show how and …

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Queen Latifah Highlights

For this assignment (worth three stars), we had to create a video of a few of our favorite actor’s best scenes.

Queen Latifa is my (Ami’s) favorite actress. She portrays a wide variety of characters, but always a strong woman who loves herself. I wish there were more roles created …

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For this assignment (worth four points), I had to design a lyric typography poster. I chose to use this to express the dynamic between Ami and Sebastian Crane, an assertive and powerful ex-lover. I used Photoshop to combine text and images. Concepts from the Vignelli Canon like using …

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A Love Story


This assignment (worth three stars) required me to tell a love story in three photos. I used this assignment to tell the story of Ami and John Brown, a handsome, wealthy lawyer from Florida visiting his birthplace, NY, for a few weeks. To create this, I took images …

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Lie About Your Age

For this assignment (worth 3 stars), I had to make an album cover through a detailed process for each aspect: title, band, and image. I tweaked this assignment by creating my own image based on what I found as well as Sylvia and Ami‘s relationship. The title was generated …

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Silk Road- Final Product

Behold: NeoNoir’s “Silk Road”- a radio show created by Sarah Kinzer and Jada Steward. In the show, Sophie, a hacker based in New York, teams up with Carter Smith, a determined police officer and his mentor, Tom, to catch Folami Turay, the leader of a ring of underage prostitutes …

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Folami Cartoon

For this assignment (worth 3.5 stars), I created a cartoon image of my character, Folami. In the image, Ami is tall and intimidating, with high cheekbones and a rather androgynous wardrobe. She is smoking a cigarette, in typical noir fashion. The light gradient and soft purple colors stand in …

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