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Assignment Bank Tasks

Mapping out our adventure

Bev here – not really sure why Damon called this “Bev Takes Damon Away.” It was a consented trip. We just wanted to go away. It was a lot of fun to show people that we have become friends and are getting along well. Take a look at our trip …

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Bali Adventure with Damon

Bev here. After the radio show, Damon and I made up and talked things out. We decided to go on a trip in order to work things out. He just wanted to get up and leave right away, but I was like woah woah woah Damon, slow it down. So …

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Laptops, city love and design all in one.


So, as everyone knows  – my blog/ds106 experience is pretty much all politically centered/about hating my commute to DC. One of the things I don’t get to talk about enough/dwell on is that DC is absolutely beautiful. Morning, night, afternoon, rain or shine. I am in love with the …

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I’m almost a grown up

UGH. UGH. UGH. The other day, my boss asked me to go to a networking event for “DC political young professionals” so I could “make some connections before graduation” and I just cringed. I don’t like hearing that word anymore. He also mentioned that I should make business cards. I …

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