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Assorted Thoughts

Final Unit Choice

Not sure what else to say here other than I absolutely want to work on my own. No question there. Jack Neff is a lone wolf kinda guy.…

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The Big Lebowski: Noir?

The Coen’s the” Big Lebowski” has long been one of my very favorite comedies, transcending genres and tones to stand as an entirely singular sort of film. Somewhere along the line I’ve heard it referred to as “slacker noir,” but I’d really never held the film in the same class …

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A Shaky History with Photography

I love film, but does that inherently mean I love photography? Well, yes and no.

I’ve been interested in landscape shots for as long as I can remember. I used to have my parents buy me those disposable cameras as a kid when we went on vacations so I could …

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