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Audio Assignments

Make Your Song YOUR Song.

So is there anybody else out there who, when they hear a certain song, can just relate to it on any and every emotional level?

Because that happens to me pretty much all the time… Really, guys; I almost have 41 hours worth of songs on my “Starred” Spotify playlist …

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A Hard-Hitting Expose by the Experts of DS106

After my arrival via time-travel into this whirlwind world known as DS106, I had no time to relax, as I was my life was immediately poked and prodded into by its persistent professors … I am not one for being too open or vulnerable; I have no idea how Amy …

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Life by Savanna 2015-03-14 22:53:16

So as I was searching the assignment bank going, ummm yeah:

And then I found this little gem! A one man (woman in this case) play. So I decided to do this for Andrea, but with her dead husband, so that her level of crazy is really conveyed to you …

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Radio Shows for Days

So I decided to listen to the class radio shows and do the live tweet along Wednesday evening! Part of this was for personal reasons (our own radio show for the class was playing)!

The three radio shows I listened to were  The MaNOIRpulators (our show),Dead Silence, and The Steadfast …

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Theresa and Ian Share a Coke Once Again.

So for this one-and-a-half star assignment, I threw it back to a previous assignment that I did during what I think was Photography Week … Wow, doesn’t that seem like eons ago?! For a bit of background information, I would advise reading my post here, as the story behind …

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