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Was It All a Dream?

Butler: Yes, I was the one who did it. Everyone just look past me. No one ever cares. The Lawyer would just pass me by. He never cared. He only wanted my services and nothing more. So, yeah I killed your dear friends. And I don’t feel any remorse at …

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Who Called? Lukas and Mack

This is the Who Called? assignments that is 4 points. I collaborated with Sharla and her character Mack. She has the first half of the conversation and I’m the second part. I did a previous assignment with her character, but this one is slightly different. In this one, Lukas isn’t …

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Time: 2015
Nicolette was done with Lukas’s shit. She needed the money and he was unresponsive. For the past two weeks, she had been calling him non-stop. See, she did a hacking job for him. He gave her the job and told her not to ask any questions. So, …

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Life by Savanna 2015-03-14 22:53:16

So as I was searching the assignment bank going, ummm yeah:

And then I found this little gem! A one man (woman in this case) play. So I decided to do this for Andrea, but with her dead husband, so that her level of crazy is really conveyed to you …

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Dirty Mouth? Clean It With a Biscuit!

This week, we must do 10 stars of assignments from the assignment bank….HOWEVER we can do 10 stars from any category, but the catch is that all 10 must relate to our character and be collaborated with someone else’s character.  AND WE GET EXTRA POINTS IF WE ACTUALLY WORK WITH …

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Mayfield’s Advertisement by Veronica

3 Stars

Since Veronica loves shopping so much she has decided to create a radio commercial for her friend, Shirley Mayfields, store. I got the idea for this assignment from some commercials I heard on ds106 radio over the last few weeks. I took elegant music for the background and …

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Veronica Smith’s phone call to Shirley Mayfield

4 Stars

Veronica and Shirley are good friends and share the love of shopping. Since Veronica loves New York City and fashion she occasionally visits Shirley for a weekend. Unfortunately this time that Veronica called Shirley didn’t answer resulting in this voice-mail.

Me and Shirley’s creator, Stephanie White, formed our …

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