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Mia’s iPod Circa 2008

Audio week is back again, and the assignment bank is back in action. This week we are required to do 10 stars, with at least 5 dedicated to our character. While this assignment is not dedicated to Blair, it was still fun and worth 3 stars. The assignment was entitled …

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Kendrick Lamar Mash-Up

(Three Stars)

This is a mash-up of five of my favorite Kendrick Lamar Songs. I combined his songs “Faith,” “Blow My High,” Ronald Reagan,” “The Recipe,” and “High Power.” I used Audacity to combine them and the split tool to break the songs up. I chose Kendrick Lamar because …

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The Queen BeyHive Jive

When searching for audio assignments to complete, “So and So’s Greatest Hits” grabbed my attention immediately. I have always wanted to create a mash-up of songs from one artist, because I frequently go on YouTube and listen to them based on which artist I am in the mood for that …

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