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“My Lady Cave”

One of our Assignment Bank assignments this week was labeled, “Dramatic Reading Remix.” Our instructions were to, “take a song that you love, and record yourself doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics. Then take another piece of music (obviously without lyrics) and set your dramatic reading to …

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At Dawn We Ride!

Audio Assignment:

Dramatic Reading Remix 3.5?

For this assignment we were supposed to read a song incredibly dramatically and set it to other music. Then we were supposed to post the original song for comparison.

I chose my favorite song at the moment. ‘I Lived’ by OneRepublic is a very …

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Find Me in My Castle

Audio Assignment – Dramatic Reading Remix

For this audio assignment, I had to (dramatically) read the lyrics of one song and then add the music of another completely random song to create an abstract musical remix. The following content is explicit due to strong language.

I immediately knew what song …

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Moonlight Under Pressure

The “dramatic reading remix” assignment (3.5 pts) was interesting because I had to think hard about the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I always thought dramatic readings of song lyrics was cheesy, but adding instrumental music underneath the reading made it sound natural and powerful. I …

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Up Up Up.


Never ever thought I’d be able to craft such utter beauty.

I can’t even think of anything else to say other than this class is bringing out the wonderfulness in me and I never expected this in a million years.

I did not really think I would do well …

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Stranger in the Night

Victoire Absinthe closed her eyes as the rocking of the train and the gentle, familiar pulse of the engines pushed her further away from her past. In the background she heard Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra… Once upon a time she had loved that song. She and Phillip…

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