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Black Widow, Baby!

Since we are forming and expanding our Black Widow Agency this week, I feel that we definitely need a theme song to represent what we do. That is why I chose the  “Your Theme Song” assignment, which states: If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what …

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“I am Free” House of Noir Getaways Theme Song (4 pts.)

Introducing the House of Noir Getaways agency. With us, you can make your greatest and most discrete noir escape when times are troublesome or threatening. Lana del Rey has been one of my favorite artists of our time since her music encapsulates complex emotion. Her song “Ride” details the story …

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Eastside Theme song……well almost

This is v1.0 of the theme song for Eastside and “Jerry”. It is only version 1.0. I still need to find some sounds to add to the music.

I didn’t have a character or person to focus on the unit right before this one. Others who are on the #noir106 …

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Keep Knocking (4 Stars)

I decided to make a theme song that captured how Harvey felt as he traveled across the country trying to make a living by knocking on people’s doors. “Yes, we seem up for the gig when we’re coming through, baby, but take a look at us when the road slows …

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Caleb’s Theme

The assignment I did last was Your Theme Song worth 4 stars about my character. What I chose was dramatic type sounds that I felt fit the image that I could see as being Caleb. I hope you like it.

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Conway Theme Song

I did an assignment the week where I created my own theme song. I did it based on my character, Conway’s life. I chose to use the instrumental “centuries” by fall out boys. This is a good song for him because he will be remembered forever. I added a countdown …

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Shadow’s Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4pts):

I downloaded The Pink Panther’s opening song from Youtube. I added some found effects from Throughout the song I added some symbol crashes and drumming, while also editing the sound of the original song.…

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Your Theme Song

If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what would it sound like? Get creative and create your own sounds or select an instrumental from Youtube or any other source that represents you well. If you are going the youtube route, remember to use VidtoMp3. Once …

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