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Make Your Own Ringtone

Make Your Own Ringtone – 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make your own ringtone using audacity. I used the intro of my three favorite songs Lost, I Lived, and How To Save a Life and cut and pasted them to make my ringtone. I wanted to …

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Ring, Ring Ringtone

This week, I decided to complete the “Make Your Own Ringtone” Audio Assignment. for this assignment, you have to join different audio clips into one file and create a ringtone for your phone that isn’t longer than 40 seconds. At first, I tried animals sounds, like guinea pigs, …

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Ring Ring

The second assignment that I did was the Make your own ringtone worth 1 and a half stars. This ringtone is more of a preview for a full song but that’s what ringtones usually are, a clip of the begging of a song. It was fun to make though. The …

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