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What Did I Hear Today?

This assignment is titled “Sounds Of Your Day” and is worth 3 stars. The assignment can be found here.
I wrote this post as my character, Lena.

The first sound is of my alarm. Although it’s annoying, it gets me up and in the mindset that my day is about …

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Sounds of Your Day

I did the Sounds of Your Day assignment and it is worth 3 stars. I did it starting from my morning until my afternoon ends. I edited it using Audacity and combined multiple tracks together. I added my morning rituals like waking up to the alarm sound, talking a shower, …

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Sounds of Gambino’s Day

Record different sounds throughout your day. It can be as long or as short as you’d like. When you finish, combine them into one long sound of your day! Upload it to SoundCloud

3 Stars!

I decided to link this assignment to my created character as I thought it …

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Layla Throughout Her Day

I did the audio assignment where you mash together sounds to create your day. I decided that this would be a perfect one to incorporate my noir character. For simplicity’s sake, I chose to start her day from morning to when she went to bed. It gave me a nice …

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Sounds of My Day

3 Stars

This is a compilation of sounds I hear on my average day: My alarm, toothbrush, keyboard/computer, netflix, and jammin’ out during my car ride (don’t worry I didn’t record and drive).

For this assignment I first had to think “what are sounds of things I do everyday?”. It …

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Me: “I need to record you for a class project, just act natural”

Friends #1: “Ok!” *fart noise* “Emily why are you pooping with the door open?!”

Friend #2: *sex moans*


This is how the majority of this project went for me…

Our goal …

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