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Can’t Get It Out Of My Head: 2 points


When I saw this assignment, i knew it would be extremely easy because i listen to my roommate whistle songs all day long! Have fun guessing this song! HINT HINT its an oldy…

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Can’t get it out of my head- Guess the song!

2 Stars

So this song has gotten stuck in my head several of times! When I saw this assignment this song automatically came to mind. I can’t whistle so me going Do Do might make it easier, I’m not sure. I recorded it a few times, but in the end …

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Whistle to Me

For my first audio assignment this week I chose to do the “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” assignment worth two points. Everyone has experienced not being able to get a song out of their head. The one I chose to whistle is especially catchy and has been stuck …

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