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TDC Idea 2

TDC Idea #2

What is your favorite season? Take an image and make it Noir!! I like the fall so here is my Noir fall picture – you can draw it, use a photo editor, or any method you like!


Here is the before picture:


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TDC Idea #1

Take your camera with you during the day and see if you can find something that reminds you of your childhood! Here’s one of my childhood memories:

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Late Night – Monday Night Extra (Extra) Credit

@GWBozzo – that’s who I am and I was in attendance on Monday March 23 for the pre-show and special ds106radio episode! Watch your back if you don’t come through and do what you promise – I’ll be watching you!

Bacon – they spoke about bacon recipes – I tried …

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“Agency” – Final Unit Choice

“Red” – Isabelle Red McIntosh and I (George W. Bozzo) will be working the final unit as a team: a family team! We will be creating our “Agency” and finishing noir106 together! Even though she thinks I am armed and dangerous – this femme fatale like a dangerous man! Here …

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Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
John Wooden


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Inspire 4

Inspire number 4 . . .

3 Frames of Love

The importance of family and love is so inspiring here that it would be impossible not to be inspired. From start to current time – the love of a family, a couple and everything in between! I thought this was …

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Inspire 3

Inspire number 3 . . .

Fifty Shades

This was yet another great piece of work! The creativity and skill blending this together was so inspiring and I won’t mention that I totally agree with her thoughts on Fifty Shades. I tried to read the books and just couldn’t even …

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Inspire 2

Inspire number 2 –

Stardust Airlines

I think this commercial inspired me in several ways. One was the actual work done was very well done and so smooth that it inspires one to create better work and another is that it is such a good commercial that I want to …

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