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Bonnie and Cleo

Sorry i’m not a brunette

For my character interview with a Mr Jim Groom I elected not to record my face on account of I’m not nearly mysterious looking enough to play cleo. i gotta baby face! i could have done it from bonnie but she’s kind of already a character. cleo is the one …

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Killin it with these storyboards

So I did the “Swede a Scene” assignment, which was o recreate a scene from a movie in any way you could. So since I like to draw, I broke out my wacom tablet and story-boarded a scene from the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie, replacing Clyde with Cleo. …

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cute lesbians kill people and steal stuff

I took on the character description video assignment. The directions were to take a few clips to describe a character. My one character, Cleo Barrow, wouldn’t be complete without her Bonnie, so I made it a video about both of them. I was inspired by the trailer for the 1967 …

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Vixen’s Ventures is on the air!

Okay it’s pretty great huh? I had a wonderful group! We met up on thursday to record after the script was done. Lesya and Amy voiced their characters, Delia and Cat, and Gyeore voiced my girl Cleo and and did Bonnie. We went over each line a few times to …

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one word

okay this assignment was way too easy. honestly it should have been worth one point. I don’t know maybe it would be harder for somebody who has no graphic design experience.

The assignment is to write one word and not use an color or effects or anything and let the …

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illustrator on point

Ds106 wallpaper! heck yeah! Initially my plan was to make it just a starry sky as Cleo would see it if the gang spent the night camping in the car, and then I decided that a rocket ship would be cool to add. Who cares if rocket ships hadn’t been …

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it’s a start

Here is my first audacity audio project, which I’m calling ‘armed robbery.’ It’s for the sound effects story assignment, in which we were to create a story using only sound effects. I decided to go along with my character, Cleo Barrow (a spin on Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde), …

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