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Cat Loveless

Vixen Retires and Cat Learns the Truth.

It turns out my entire life has been a lie.

The GPS chip I obtained following Beau’s demise led me to my old home of New York City, a place I never ever thought I’d return to following my father’s death.

But after it lead me back to my old …

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Progress Report: Vixen’s on the Case!

Throughout this week I have been closely following the Vixen Vigilante as she embarks on what could be her first international case.

I have paid close attention to her previous missions, which have been mainly limited to our shared hometown of New Orleans, and it is so great to see …

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Weekly Summary: Vixen’s Ventures in Full Swing.

Wow, an easy week in DS106! … Who knew those existed?!?? I can’t talk; I’ve only been at this for a mere two weeks, but I know that my cohort DeLovely Ames has been waiting for one since what may as well have been forever.

Anyway, here’s what was accomplished …

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Sittin’, Waitin’, Wishin’.

If Twitter existed during our era, I dream you would tweet me just what I wanted to hear . It would be worth so much more than a mere three stars … In fact, it would be worth more stars than there are in the sky.

But unfortunately, I haven’t …

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Cat’s Creates: Spades and Arrows.

For someone who keeps her profile under wraps and makes valiant efforts to stay anonymous while simultaneously being under intense public scrutiny, I can imagine that the release of this enticing novel by well-known local writer Grant Grayson is the Vixen Vigilante’s worst nightmare.

I happen to know Grant fairly …

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Weekly Summary: Cat’s Cove’s in Full Swing.

Well, this has been an interesting week full of new and daunting digital things.

I tuned into my first live #DS106Radio broadcast, which was a bit of a debacle, but we can’t blame Groom for that, right Burtis?

List of weird things I must learn about this week: “tape deck”, …

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