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Character Dossier

Dear Diary…

3 stars

For this assignment I did the writing assignment entitled “Dear Diary” but instead of doing this in the perspective of a Disney Villian, I am doing it in the perspective of my noir character Sylvia while using Lawrence, Tiffany Yowell’s character as my character’s love interest.

Dear Diary,…

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The End of The Steadfast Sleuths

The final product of Josie and the Noir Cats Radio show has been completed. By Monday this week all of the audio had been recorded for our show and all we had to work on was editing it all together. So once again we divided and conquered the work. Each …

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The Making of The Steadfast Sleuths

We have done a lot of work on our radio show this week. I think we are going to be in really good shape going into next week.

Josie and the Noir Cats met twice this week. We are kind of fortunate because we all already knew each other before …

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What happened to Sasha Kellogg?

So on Wednesday night our group met and hashed out a plot to our radio soap opera, where life gets very interesting for Sasha Kellogg. I knew I had wanted to do something with silhouettes for my promo, because it is very noir and also since we don’t really have …

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Want to Attract a Sylvia?

2 Stars

For my last audio assignment for this week, I decided to do the bird call assignment where you make an audio clip to attract a certain person. I decided that my certain person that I am trying to attract should be my character dossier Sylvia! The sounds I …

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Bumper Sticker!

3.5 Stars

I decided to make a bumper sticker for my character dossier Sylvia. For this I used a quote that made me think of her and her sassy, harlet, casanova ways. I used powerpoint and word art to create this bumper sticker!

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