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Resume for Jack Sadler


Jack Sadler Resume:

Profile: My name is Jack Sadler. I currently live in Chicago Illinois but I grew up in a town called Lincoln not too far from the Mississippi river.  I left Lincoln when I was 19 and moved to Chicago. I got a job as a dishwasher…

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NNTF The Reunion Show!

So NNTF all met today to work out the script and general setup of our video show. We decided to continue off of the story we created in our first show adding new twists and turns and including back stories for all of the characters that everyone has gotten to …

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Noir at Night and the Silk Road

Just listened to Noir at Night and Silk Road and both were really awesome! Noir at Night was a creative way of expressing the opinions of the noir characters on noir-esque movies. The audio was a bit choppy but the sound effects added were really great and added to the …

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Weekly Summary

This weeks assignments were all largely audio based. This was exciting for me because I have to previous experience with audio editing software as well as digital audio workspaces. In the past I have used Audacity,Virtual dj, Traktor, Reason, and FL studio. I am most familiar with FL studio and …

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Emotion through sound

So this assignment was to create emotion through sound. The emotions I chose to create were stress and anxiety. When looking into “soundscapes” I noticed that most people attempted to create a scene that would evoke powerful emotion. I wanted to create a scene of loneliness in a way that …

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Radio bumper

So the assignment was to make a quick radio bumper for ds106 radio. I didn’t have too much trouble recording the audio in audacity and had a bit of fun editing the vocals in FL studio. I changed the pitch a bit and equalized the sound in an attempt to …

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What’s in your Bag?

My noir character would not realistically carry a bag around so instead I am going to describe what one could expect to find in his desk on a normal day.

Top of the desk can usually be expected to be covered in scattered newspapers. A typewriter sits next to a …

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