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Are You Copying, Or Is It Your Right?

I agree with everything when it comes to copyright because I look at it in the way of if I create something and use my time and ideas to make it, I will clearly be proud of it. I don’t want someone else taking credit for my hard work and …

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Copyright Thoughts

When I think go Copyrights and which pictures I can use, and which ones I can’t; it makes me sick. I feel like in this day and age, if its on the Internet, it should be allowed to be shared. The Internet is a place for sharing. That being said, …

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You’ll Give Me a Copy, Right?

After reading and watching the required media involving copyright and fair use, and the Creative Commons, and public domain, I’m starting to realize the differences between the three.

Copyright involves only the creator having power over content distribution.  Fair use implies that some copyrighted material has been altered enough to …

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Copyright & Creative Commons

This was an interesting concept.  I did not know anything about Fair Use and I found it very interesting.  I didn’t know it was ok to use small insignificant portions of a video to create something different.  I wondered when we did screen captures of the Noir movies a few …

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Copyright Laws: They’re a little slippery

I was really excited to read about the copyright stuff for the week because it brings me back to a discussion I had in Theory of Knowledge my senior year. Part of our final grade was to create a 20 minute presentation on a current issue and discuss through the …

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Copyright and Color Guard

                 I just wanna be free!

Reading/watching this week’s resources on copyright, fair use, and creative commons was a struggle, not because I didn’t like learning about these things, but because I just got very angry about them. I should explain. I have struggled through copyright laws before because I am …

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Copyright Laws have Flaws

So I’m not gonna lie. I knew very little about the specifics of the copyright laws before I read any of these articles. I got a in trouble on Youtube a few years back for copyright issues, so that scared me out of posting anything. It was nice to read …

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Copyrighting and All That Comes With It

A lot of things go into copyrighting. It’s so much that I don’t really understand it all. However, what I do understand is that there is mostly copyrighting, kind of copyrighting, and free to the public copyrighting. As such, copyrighting can be circumstantial with parodies disrupting those concrete laws. Copyrighting …

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The Capitalization of Art

Spending significant time educating myself about copyright and fair use has made me feel powerful. Knowledge is my armor of choice.

While I am grateful to finally understand the issue, it has definitely made the world a less innocent place to me.

It makes me a bit ashamed to live …

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