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Daily Creates

Daily Create Ideas

The first daily create that I came up with is called “Who’s the #1 pick?” The idea of this daily create is for the student to choose someone they think deserves a #1 pick in life, and photoshop them into the following picture. The picture was taken at this year’s …

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TDC Ideas

Option 1): Get zany! Take a toy doll (or a make a paper stick figure if you don’t have one!) And take a picture of him or her instagraming a food pic! Get creative with it, and leave a funny comment in flicker.

Option 2): Crop it like it’s hot! …

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Daily Create Idea- 2

This daily create idea is to find the hidden treasure behind a wall. This is just taking two pictures and using the erase tool in photoshop to erase part of top picture to show pieces of the bottom layer coming through. I layered the brick wall on top  of the …

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Daily Create Idea

For a daily create idea, I thought about “Noir in the shot”. Take a screen shot of a noir film and put yourself in it.

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Alright, ds106 community.  Just wanted to give a formal announcement that the Mafia will be shutting its doors as of this week.  It’s been a great semester and a good time working with and getting to know everyone.  At least, everyone’s internet personalities.  Thanks for everything and good luck …

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Every Damn Day

This week I did two daily creates. Let’s check them out!

The first one I did was to photoshop little Noddy out of the trash can and put him somewhere else. I decided to put Noddy on a plane. You can see him in the window above. Noddy is on …

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Noddy in Paris and Maggie Black’s B-Day

For this week’s daily creates, I made a birthday card and helped Noddy get out of a trash can. The card was very simple. The first thing I found when I researched “noir cat” on Google images was of a cat doing one of those strange inspirational poses where you …

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Saving My Man

Today my job was to get this poor guy out of his little situation he’s in. I used a fishing pole because even though I live in the city and there really isn’t any place to go fishing, I enjoy it because it takes up my time trying to fix …

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