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I’ve been getting really into social media since starting this company with Bev. I decided that it would be cool to showcase the development of our company through a storify post. Bev was  little hesitant at first because she’s always a little concerned about things she doesn’t …

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I’d like to apply please



So, Bev sent me this assignment earlier to create and upload my resume. I guess she’s decided I need some qualifications in order to work for our new company. I guess I could have fluffed it up a bit, but I think honesty is the best policy, so …

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A few questions…

I organized a meeting with a few people who I thought might be able to help me out and provide a bit of protection, or at least some guidance. I’ve just been so jumpy recently after all my run-ins with Bev and all the things she has told me..

Anyway, …

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Chasing Damon



Well, I was returning home from a long day of work the other day (I was taking care of the dogs I walk during the day), and it was fairly dark out. I’m usually not scared in these instances, but something felt eerie this evening. It seemed to …

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Setting the tone



For my last video assignment this week, I wanted to do this one because I think it captured a lot of really important aspects of film that we’ve been studying and practicing these past two weeks. 

As I worked on my videos, I learned that film and specific …

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Damon catches up with himself




I caught up with myself this evening. Lately I’ve been feeling conflicted, as thought I’m not even able to speak to myself. I’m trying to work out everything that’s going on, but if I can’t even admit the truth to myself, how can I continue on?

Ever …

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Nighttime fear

I’ve definitely been intimidated by these video assignments, but this one allowed me to incorporate one of my favorite things: poetry. I also knew after watching the example version that this would be a great opportunity to use my character as part of the story.

Picking up where we last …

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