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Damon’s Diary

A mysterious vacation


So for this assignment, Mariah and I worked together to show a little bit more of the story behind Bev and Damon. In this instance, Bev takes Damon on a trip to Bali as a sort of mea culpa. However, as is the noir106 way, things get a …

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Damon’s Theme



This assignment was a very cool opportunity to use for my character. I enjoy trying to incorporate audio assignments into my character’s story that aren’t easy or simple connections. An assignment like this, I find, takes a good amount of thought to incorporate into my character’s story. Additionally, …

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History repeats itself

I liked this assignment because it is fun to work with an incredibly different design aesthetic than I might be able to create on my own. I also liked that I could use this for my character because the whole point is to tell a story. I went with an …

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Sir, can I please see inside your bag?

The what’s in my bag challenge wasn’t all that hard – but having to incorporate my noir character into it made it much more difficult. First, I had to find materials that would actually represent my character, which was harder than I thought it would be. I scoured my room …

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