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Design Assignments

The Vixen Vigilante Hires Caterina Loveless.

This week, I was contacted by none other than the Vixen Vigilante herself! It was quite an experience to converse with this mysterious foxy femme, even if it was just over the phone. Though she is keeping me from revealing too much, I can say that her reasons for reaching …

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Newspaper Article

This is a 3 Star design assignment.  This assignment is to create a newspaper article and I used it in my Storify story for another project.  I used Microsoft Word to create this paper article.  It explains a lot about why my character is who she is.

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Agency Business Card

This is a 2 Star assignment to create a Business Card for my Agency.  Here is Red’s new card.  I used PowerPoint to create it and duplicated our Agency Logo on the bottom.

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We need to advertise our new Agency

This is a 2 star design assignment- Create a promotional flier.  I used PowerPoint to create this flier.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  This flier is to promote our new Agency, the Noir Illusions Agency (NIA)


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Valentines Day Card

This was a 3 star design assignment.  In this assignment I decided to have my 1940’s character send a valentines day card to another character from the “Noir We There Yet?” radio show.  I found a picture on Google images that I liked, then I put it on PowerPoint and …

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